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Termite Treatment

When treating termites our #1 objective is to protect your biggest asset, your home. Termites cause billions of dollars a year in damage nationwide and can severely attack your homes structure.  Since each home is unique, Mo-Ray strives to create a custom treatment plan for your home.  We will create a barrier around your home that will not allow any of these threats to penetrate.  After we have done an initial treatment to your home we will protect it annually to guarantee that no new infestation occurs.

Pest Control

Tired of the creepy crawlers invading your space?  For Ants, Roaches, Spiders, Bed Bugs and any other infestation that you don't want in your home, Mo-Ray has a solution to get rid of them for you.  With careful thoroughness we ensure a complete eradication.  And all of our chemicals are Family and Pet friendly!  For all services, we offer a Mo-Ray  guarantee that we will rid you of your pest issue or we will re-treat at no additional cost to you.

Rodent Control and Removal

Rodents, when found in our home, are often the most frightening.  Mice, rats, squirrels, moles and many others can spread disease and damage your home.  For these pests, we have several treatment options including traditional and alternative methods that can vary depending on your personal preference.  Feel free to contact us and our technicians can discuss these options with you.

Moisture Control

Any issues with Mold, musty smells or water collection can be a serious home and health concern.  Mo-Ray was the first in the Mid-South to understand and care for these issues and now we're one of the few companies that offer this for our services.  Allow our years of experience with this method to remedy your moisture problem quickly and efficiently.

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"I called Richard this morning and he was here within 3 hours. He was very professional and understood our desire to use traps rather than poison. His prices are very reasonable and he explained things well. I would definitely recommend his service and will call him for any other pest problems we may have."


"I have used Mo-Ray pest control multiple times now and I am very pleased with the level of service they provide. The owner is very knowledgeable and courteous, answering all the questions I had regarding the pest issues we were experiencing. . .After calling, they came right away to see what we were dealing with and came back to remove the nest that night. Very professional service that I would recommend to everyone."

Zach T.

"Richard was very nice, knowledgeable, and professional. He explained the chemicals and what they do. I hired him to get rid of a wasps nest and he got rid of them and I hired him to do quarterly sprays. He uses chemicals that are safe for pets and kids as well."

John B.